Getting into the rural area

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O Camiño dos Faros is a coastline route but, in some stretches, we are forced to walk along the inland. This is one of them, but it is worthwhile.  A stretch that is not longer than 2 kilometers from Tasaraño to Allo that takes us to a rural atmosphere that is still successfully facing all economic crises.

When we arrive in Tasaraño we have a fountain where we can refresh ourselves and get fill up again our bottles. Next to it, a horse chestnut and a stoned “hórreo” similar to the great deal of them we are going to see, as important to store the cereals for the livestock.

When we walk along Dor we can check again what happens all along this route. Another typical Galician village that keeps its past, a past that we should never forget.

After walking across the forest we arrive in Allo, where we will walk across the road in front of the school, which is already in Ponte de Porto.

Un paisaje en cada paso