Association O Camiño dos Faros

On December 7th, 2012 6 of us left Malpica with 2 dogs and only one goal: to link Malpica with Fisterra.

This was the only premise that was clear for us: all the points that would form the hiking route should be on the coastline and the route should have a particular sense along the Costa da Morte, a route that we knew would be amazing.

It was not easy, but after hiking for some weekends we succeded and we arrived at Fisterra on January, 26th. We had opened a big route. However, whereas we were making the route we were wondering if we should tell about it or just keep the secret.

We decided to share it although, we don´t know why, and make it with more people so that everybody could get to know it. Since then, we have had only a goal: to make this Camiño dos Faros be a reality so that people can make it with the maximum respect for nature.

However, we were aware, from the very beginning, that if we wanted to share it, we had to improve the track, as in the first trip we had left many sections opened. So, on a second trip we improved some of them and created new ones.

After getting everything done, we called people to participate by using facebook to make the first part from Malpica to Niñóns. A few people showed up. On 28th April at 09:30 23 trasnos and the dogs Xia, Xes and Brisa started the first section of this Camiño dos Faros in Malpica.

These 23 first trasnos played a key role as they were people with very different profiles that from the very beginning understood what and how we wanted to do. Without no doubt, they were the best companion to accomplish our goal. These first Trasnos brought new people in the next routes and so on. The end of the story is already known, that is, hundreds of Trasnos followed us in these two first editions. The belief that O Camiño dos Faros could be feasible had become real.

The Trasnos that are the explorers started opening the route. We actually risked a lot in these first two parts: any problem, accident, an unexpected situation that could have taken place could have brought about serious problems. But, we had the so-called luck of the Trasnos. Not only did anything happen, but also we ended up forming a family where each member helped to make the experience be a success.

On December, 21st, 2013 we arrived in Fisterra at the end of the second edition. We got there with a clear idea: we wanted to keep on being Trasnos but, if we wanted O Camiños dos Faros to have any future and not to take risks, we couldn´t be out of the system.

On that day, at dinner time “The Association of O Camiño dos Faros” was born with an only goal: to make O Camiño dos Faros become a reality and last along the years as it was designed by the Trasnos so that people can make it with the maximum respect for nature.

Some other complementary goals are:

  • Promote this route everywhere at any level as a sustainable destination in Nature.
  • Make people aware of this route and defend it against any speculation so that we and the following generations can enjoy as it is nowadays.
  • Inspire, promote and encourage both any public initiative or get involved in any entrepreneurial one that meets the main goal of this association.
  • Do everything with a low-cost philosophy, maximum effectiveness and maximum transparency.

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We count on all of you. If every person provides the association with what they know to do we can get something not only big but also respectful with the treasure we are surrounded by.O Camiño dos Faros is a heritage in A Costa da Morte that we, the Trasnos enjoy. But it is not ours, it belongs to everybody, that is, you and your grandchildren´s grandchildren.

Let’s go!

Un paisaje en cada paso