Beach Leis

We leave the beach Area Grande ascending along some pine groves heading to Leis. When we reach the dirty track that descends till the beach we have two options. The easiest one is to turn left and go up the road that takes to the light house of the beach Lago.

But O Camiño dos Faros is not easy and it tries to run along the coastline, trying to take the right one going down till the beach Leis, where we have some panoramic views of the Ría. Curiously, Camariñas seems to be closer than Muxía, when it is absolutely the opposite.  An optical illusion that is not fun after walking 20 kilometers.

When going down to the beach Leis, its calm waters invite us to have a batch. It is an option, but we arrive first in Lago.

At the end of the beach, we have to cross among the rocks till we reach the lighthouse of the beach Lago. It is a kind of difficult walk and it is the only option. If you follow the prints left by the trasnos you will never have  to deal with a problem. But be very careful, and please, don´t try to reach the lighthouse by taking another route.

The stretch starts where the rocks are and it is true that it is not easy to walk among them. Through the rocks we get to a steep hill that is one of the most difficult in all O Camiño dos Faros. But, for the average walker it is possible to do it, although it is better to go with someone in order to help those ones who can find it more exhausting.

After walking for a while over these cliffs in Leis, we reach the beach Lago.



Un paisaje en cada paso