Beach O Lago

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The beach Lago is one of the most beautiful ones in A Costa da Morte, with a leafy pine grove that in summer months is considered to be the touristic attraction in this municipality. Apart from its beauty, the river Lago that flows calmly into the beach makes this place worthy visiting by families with children as there is a peaceful atmosphere that they will not find anywhere.

We will stop to have a bath and have a drink at the bars in the pine grove. At the beginning of the beach we see another lighthouse in our route that, although it is small and not very useful for the maritime traffic, marks the mouth of the river Grande. Its situation on a punta on the coast that brings the trasnos very special memories.

We descend from the lighthouse and we have a bath on that side of the beach but always being very careful. When you do such a long stage in summer, you have to get into the sea little by little wetting first your neck and wrists. If you don’t do so, the abrupt change of temperature may cause serious problems.

After the bath, we have a drink without spending long and we return to the Camiño.  There are 8 kilometers left to arrive in Muxía and 11 to finish the stage. At least 3 hours and a half following the trasnos´ pace. J We leave the beach walking along the bridge over the river Lago.

We still have all the final part of the stage left. This stretch will lead us close to Muxía by walking across quiet beaches and small rural villages. Berofe arriving to the campsite Lago, we turn on the right by taking a path, which is usually full of brambles, heading to Merexo.

Un paisaje en cada paso