Mount Cachelmo

The Mount Cachelmo is one of the most demanding ascents in O Camiño dos Faros. It is only 750 meters but you ascend from 0 to 150, with a gradient of 23%. We are at the beginning of the stage and we suggest you taking it without no rush and rest a couple of times when you have ascended half of it, at least. Just the views and your body are enough reasons to do it.

When we get to the summit, the views are amazing. On the foreground we can see Vilán and Camariñas, with all the ría that we have already walked along in the previous stage and that we admire from this height. In front of us, Muxía, beautiful and bright surrounded by the sea. The silence is overwhelming, and you don´t know if you are admiring the landscape or if you form part of it.

As we were getting the first drinks and food, we were thinking how lucky we were being in our walk. It was winter, a rainy winter that every time we set off, it became a sunny winter that allowed us to enjoy much more the wonders along this Costa da Morte. And the MountCachelmo is one of them.


From this point, the part of the stage that is left is seems to be even more demanding. First, we will have to walk bordering the beach Arnela till we reach the Point Buitra to walk across all the mounts of Cuño till we reach Moreira and Touriñán.

But before setting off, we can’t forget the legend of this MountCachelmo, the legend of the Buserana.

Un paisaje en cada paso