Beach of Lourido

The beach of Lourido has the shape of a shell, it has fine sand and, although it sounds like a cliché, its water is turquoise blue on sunny days. However, you have to be very careful as it is a very dangerous beach for swimming. The dunes that border that  beach are full of vegetation and they are somehow ascending along the mount till almost the village of Lourido.

This place has been chosen to build the Parador de Muxía, a decision that has been taken without any previous study, during the first weeks of the Prestige’s crisis. We have no idea about the current status project . Besides, we do not believe that this plan will find the solution to overcome the touristic problems of the area.

When we reach the track that takes us to the parador, we take a path towards the coast. Across some corn plantations and some ways created by fishermen full of gorses, we reach the Coído da Agra, from where we will start the ascent to the MountCachelmo.


Un paisaje en cada paso