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Cliffs of Lires

From the beach of Lires to the beach Rostro, O Camiño dos Faros there is a stretch that will take us to see the cliffs of Lires from different perspectives. If you pay attention to the arrows and you will never have a problem. We leave by taking the route that starts on the beach and we get to the coves of Area Pequeña and Area Grande. It is at this point where the first ascent of the day starts, it is short but demanding. It will take us to a top from where we could see what we are leaving behind.

When we reach Punta da Lagoa we go across the cliff being careful as we should keep ourselves on the route. Now, it is possible to hear the noise of the waves breaking against the rocks. We stop several times because the views of Petón Vermello and Point Besugueira, with the beach Rostro on the foreground worth being admired. We have to do this route with no rush as it is a very demanding route, but it is the last one and we want to enjoy it.

From that point, just a small part along the mount till we reach the Point Besugueira, where the cliff of Mexadoira starts. A cliff we walk across in line, one behind the other and so on. Don´t  leave the route to take the typical photo as some stretches fall down in vertical.

It is amazing and very difficult to describe. The cliffs down in vertical over a base of rocks that, with the sea breaking against them and the rock of red granite form an amazing landscape. At the end of the cliff, a small stream that goes down the mount falls in the “bolos” creating a small waterfall. When we reach there and we turn over ourselves, it is then when we can admire the beauty of this place without any risk. Once again, we are surrounded by a wild, unique stretch of this Camiño dos Faros, unknown by most of people.

We leave Mexadoira and, suddenly, we see the greatness of the beach Rostro. It will take us just a few minutes to reach it.

Estuary of Lires

The estuary of Lires is formed in the mouth of the river Castro on the beach Nemiña, forming the perfect habitat for a great deal of birds, mainly, seagulls and cormorants that find easily food among the “leftovers” the fish farm gets rid of.

In order to go from Nemiña to the village Lires, we will have to leave towards the paved track and after some hundred meters, follow the route that leads to the right and borders all the River Castro till the bridge of Vaosilveiro, which replaces the old paths the pilgrims had to walk along in their way to Fisterra or Muxía. It is one of the few stretches that O Camiño dos Faros coincides with the “Way of St. James”

After walking over the bridge of Vaosilveiro, we get to Lires, a village with a special charm and that has got used to the hikers, a path that follows among the “hórreos” and rural houses that have been restored with a very good taste. The offer of accommodation is great and diverse, that´s why we suggest you staying there some days.


We go across the village of Lires and we go towards along the other bank of the ría, walking along the bridge over a small stream. When we arrive at the fish farm, this stream joins the river Castro which is full and flowing river and that gives shape to this Ría of Lares.

After a while, we get to the beach of Lires, a small and quiet sandy spot that is on this side of this ría, which is the smallest in Galicia. Just imagine how small it is that you can go across it in summer if the tide is low and the level of the water doesn´t cover higher than your ankles.

From that point, we can see one of the most amazing panoramic views of this Camiño dos Faros: the beach Nemiña with its thousand “faces” and a big dune covered by a forest.

At this point, we are going to tell you a secret. We wanted to keep it just for a few of us because these coasts one people know them, they start losing something…But as we are very good trasnos, there it goes:

From the terrace of the bar Playa, with a drink and eating the delicious omelets or the calamari that Pepe´s family prepares we can admire the most amazing sunset in this Costa da Morte. A natural viewpoint above Nemiña and all the ocean that you should never miss.

If the tide is appropriate and you are not tired, we also suggest you crossing the ría and finishing the previous stage watching the sunset.