From Soesto to Traba

<<Beach SoestoBeach and the Lagoon of Traba>>

Leaving Soesto, we get to “Punta de Catasol”, from where we can see the waves of Soesto and we see the last lighthouses we have just walked by, the one in Roncudo in the foreground and the one in Laxe in the forefront.

In this part of O Camiño dos Faros, the sea is even rougher, a show for all our senses.

We go on with our Camiño dos Faros by taking the path that links Soesto and Traba by the sea. Although it is kind of windy, it is sunny and in this part of the route it is much easier to walk and we can relax our legs after the million of stones the route is full of…and there are still loads of them left!


In this route, among the rocks, there are small coves as this one “Castrallón” and some other ones which are a bit bigger as the beach Arnado.

In front of it, from the left to the right we have, “La isla de los condenados” (the islands of the condemned”), the small island, Ataín and towards Traba, the island Teixoeira. We still have wind of the South and it is a great pleasure to look at the sea and enjoy the view.

In one of the stretches that used to be the way taken by the farmers with their cow carts, we meet a cyclist, O Camiño dos Faros is a hiking-trail that cannot be done by bike. There are small paths full of gorses, lots of rocks and huge ascents. But there are some other stretches that can be done by bike, for example, this one that goes from Soesto to Traba.


Un paisaje en cada paso