Fishing Port in Laxe

<<Stage 4: Laxe-Arou (18,0 Km)The Church of Santa María da Atalaia>>

In the fishing port in Laxe, the inshore fishing fleet gets ready for another hard working day in the sea. When coming back from fishing, the fish catches are auctioned in the fish market:  turbots, soles, the skate fish, seabass, and the goose barnacle. The port of Laxe is also the also the base for the timber ships that have the best facilities which make of it the ideal place to load of wood of A Costa da Morte towards other places.

From that point, we, the Trasnos,getting up early will start the 4th stage that will take us to Arou.

In the sky, all sunsets of A Costa da Morte provide us with amazing images…

Whereas, in the land, the pot lines wrapped by their own nets… this is O Camiño dos Faros.


Un paisaje en cada paso