The Church of Santa María da Atalaia

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This church was built at the end of 14th century and it has a great its historic-artistic value. It is an epitome of the gothic art related to the sea that is typical in a great deal of the Galician coast, from the  period that was built some sculptures are still preserved.

This church has a unique nave with its square apse. Its façade is decorated with images of the Virgin. Inside the church, there are several graves dated back to the 13th century belonging to the Moscosos who governed these lands after the family Traba. The baroque altarpiece at the high altar was destroyed by lightning in1955, revealing an altarpiece made of stone. 

From the atrium in the Church, we can see a very beautiful view of the port and of the beach in Laxe. Close to the church, which is currently used as a parking place, it is the grave of the ship-wrecked castaways of the English vessel Adelaide, which wrecked in the bay.

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