Niñóns Beach

<<Lago BayStage 2: Niñons-Ponteceso (27,1 Km)>>

The first stage of Os Camiños dos Faros finishes on Niñóns beach that belongs to Ponteceso. Its access is kind of complicate mainly for those people who don´t know the area. As its beach is calm and it is surrounded by pine forests, we can say that this beach is visited yearly by loyal visitors that choose it as one of the best places to spend a day.

It was at this moment, when we, the trasnos, were walking this part when we were talking about how interesting would be if you could form part of this adventure and live the magic of Os Camiños dos Faros.

Following this route, we reached the beach Niñóns, from where we would start the second stage leading us to “O Roncudo” and to the “Ría de Corme-Laxe” till Ponteceso.

Un paisaje en cada paso