Nariga Coast

<<Lighthouse in NarigaLago Bay>>

O Camiño dos Faros, after visiting Punta Nariga, runs along the coast heading to the Bay of Lago and Niñóns by taking a breathtaking path. They are small cliffs that we walk across by taking a path that is kind of demanding, whereas we are witness of how the sea hits this  immense rock that is Punta Nariga.

If we see right in front of us, we have all the Roncudo skyline, that we will walk along in the next stage. After walking 2 kilometers and passing by “O Coído dos Xunquiños Gordos”, “Pedras das Caniceiras”, “Punta do Roblo”, “Coído do Cheiroso” and “Punta Anguieiro”, we reach a level ground path leading us to LagoBay.

Un paisaje en cada paso