Mount of Facho

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We start our calm ascent to MountFacho all along the Camiño da Insua, an old path tucked among the rocks, whereas we laughed remembering the best and worst moments of this route.

Mount Facho is a place full of legend. In Duio a lot of archeological remains have been found, remains that can prove that the big city of Dugium where the old celtic people, the nerios, lived. They also may prove that the summit of Mount Facho had its altar of the Sun: the Ara Solis, where pagan cults were held worshipping the sun.

The legend of the city says that this city was flooded by divine punishment to remain buried under the water since then. As all the pagan places, it was also Christianized. In this case, it was Saint Guillerme, an anchorite that built there a chapel to live the days when he prayed in harmony with the Finisterrae. Nearby, some infertile couples lay on the Holy Rocks to become fertile.

Mount Facho has been also, from immemorial times, a key place for navigation. Before the lighthouse was built in 1853, some bonfires used to be lit to guide the vessels that were sailing in rough waters or just to let the other cities that some enemy raids were taken place. In the summit, we can see some remains of the tower where the fire was made and very close the Holy Rocks.

Some hundred meters out of sea, we can see the challenging resting, O Centolo. This 25-meter rock, is the one the sea hits continuously against giving shape to a perfect habit for the barnacles that live are grown there.

The last slope, with its steep and rugged hill is the great ending. But when we get to the top, we are really awarded: the first views of the Lighthouse of Fisterra, we reach by taking a route very different from the rest of the people: O Camiño dos Faros. So many kilometers to get there and a great deal of landscapes we have walked along cause a mix of feelings and emotions difficult to understand.

After all the effort, reaching the Lighthouse of Fisterra is the happiest moment in the Trasnos´s life.


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