Beach of Rostro

The beach of Rostro is another wild wonder of A Costa da Morte. It is a kind of ode to the sea, the salt of the sea saltpeter and the pure air. A unique pleasure for our senses.

Open to the Atlantic Ocean, the wind continuously hits all along the yea has formed a dune system with important heights and full of vegetation, which gives color to this area during some seasons of the year.

We go across the 2 kilometers of the beach Rostro along the shore, without any rush and enjoying each step of the paradise that is closed to us.

The strong wind and the rough sea work continuously with the sand providing us with amazing images, mainly in winter.

Also from the sea, this “wooden duck” arrives totally conquered by barnacles. They are pelagic gooseneck barnacle, also known as fake barnacles, which get stuck to any floating solid object that is in the ocean.

When we reach the end of the beach we realize again that O Camiño dos Faros provides us with a feeling step after step.

This is the place chosen by the Trasnos to have something to drink and to eat for first time today. We can choose between both the rocks that are at the end of the beach or ascending a bit more and avoid this effort later. From the Punta of Rostro we also have amazing views to have a sandwich.

Un paisaje en cada paso