Beach of Crystals

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O Camiño dos Faros takes us close to the Beach Os Cristales, by taking this route of the Mount, with panoramic views of the Rock Soesto, Camelle and Arou.

Sometimes nature decides what to do, and the sea always brings back everything that it is thrown away in it. In this area of Laxe, there used to be a dump where bottles and other recipients were left. In these cliffs the sea somehow picked up this garbage debris and returned them transformed into  art pieces polished by the sea leaving them in this small cove.

Two things are important to remember: To enjoy this unique spot and not to take any of these pieces of glass as it is completely forbidden.


Since we left from Malpica, we have already walked around 80 kilometers and we have already seen lots of things: lighthouses, beaches, all kind of cliffs, dunes, rivers, streams, forests, bays with a great ornithological value, petroglyphs, dolmens, “castros” , viewpoints, mills, typical villages, Malpica, Corme, Ponteceso, Laxe and all the things that we have seen yet.

The route goes on walking behind the cemetery, by taking a dirty track on the right that will lead us to the path of the Peñón of Soesto along the coast.

Un paisaje en cada paso