The Village of O Roncudo

The small village O Roncudo shows us an architecture based on the use of the same stone and perfectly adapted to the wind and to the rough weather. There are big walls made of stone that shelter its inhabitants from the rough winter. In Touriñán we will see the same kind of structures.

These small groups of houses that are scattered along this area, isolated from the rest of villages can help us to imagine the kind of life its inhabitants underwent decades ago without electricity, without being able to move from one place to another when the rough weather hit them. Can you imagine that?

We were walking along O Roncudo passing by a young man who jumped surprisingly when he saw us. There are not many people who are able to “see” us, but he definitely did.

-“What are you doing here, Trasniños?” – he asked with the typical accent of the area.

-“We are doing O Camiño dos Faros, 200 kilometers along the coastline from Malpica to Finisterre. We are walking and let´s see when we get there”

-“O.K., it sounds amazing. My name is Suso. What´s yours?”

-“We are Xiña, Nemiño e Traski”- we answered.

“O.K. So, if you wait for a second, I will leave the barnacles in one of my friend´s house and I will walk with you till the lighthouse”

Suso is a barnacle fisher and one of the people that know the area the best. He was going to tell us the History of O Roncudo as nobody could have ever told us.

We walked along the village and we left it taking the paths where the windmills are towards the lighthouse. We were listening to all the stories, Suso was telling us about the rough sea that hits the best rocks where to fish the best barnacles. Time with him, literally, flew away.

Un paisaje en cada paso