The Gooseneck Barnacle from O Roncudo

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Without any doubt, the best gooseneck barnacle is the one from O Roncudo. In the latest years, a plan that has controlled the gooseneck barnacle hunting has caused that the amount of gooseneck barnacle has really increased as in the past.

Our friend Suso Lista explains us all the secrets and all the hardship to hunt what he considers to be the “king” of the sea.

“The good gooseneck barnacle is as high as wide, the one that is similar to the biggest toe. Eating a gooseneck barnacle is as if you were eating part of the ocean. You close your eyes and in the ocean you can find everything: seaweeds, fish, dolphins, lobsters, air…the gooseneck barnacle has all these flavors altogether. It´s a sip of ocean 100%”

Barnacle, the king of sea (by Suso Lista, percebeiro in Corme) – Os Camiños do Mar

Since 1992, on Saturday  1ST, July, “the exaltation of the gooseneck barnacle” (a kind of festival) takes place, which has transformed Corme into a place known around the world.

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