The Chapel of A Virxe do Monte

It was built in the 18th century over the ruins of an older chapel. As it used to happen in many villages, the fishermen’s wives used to go up the roofs to change the position of the tiles, believing that by doing so they will change the direction of the wind and their husbands could come back home soon. Near the chapel, a “romería” (kind of popular celebration) was celebrated at Easter.

From this beautiful and isolated spot we can enjoy a big panoramic view of all the estuary of Camariñas. 

We are privileged, not only are we in front of an amazing view of A Costa da Morte but we also see the next stages of O Camiño dos Faros that will take us through Muxía. In front of us, the silhouette of “la novia del viento” (the wind´s girlfriend as it is Muxía known) with its Punta A Barca are waiting for us.

From there, in this Camiño dos Faros, which is always heading towards the West, we can enjoy another amazing sunset typical along this coast. A treasure for those who are able to enjoy it.

But we can stay there for long. We go back to the football ground and we take again the path we had left that will take us to the beach of the Lake leading to Camariñas.

Un paisaje en cada paso