Sisargas Canal

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There are two ways to get to Beo from San Adrián. One that goes through the antennas walking along the highest part of the mount. The other one is the way known as the way of the fishermen that goes along the coast facing the SisargasIslands. It is actually the latter one, the one that we follow in our route. O Camiño dos faros will follow always the coastline when it is possible.


The way to Beo is breathtaking and not very demanding, except when we reach some parts that are close to the cliff which makes us feel a bit afraid of the height. The sea in this area hits the shoreline with strength and it is at that moment when the feeling of being involved in an adventurous experience has already wrapped us.

O Camiño dos Faros has been designed along the coastline to enjoy these landscapes, otherwise, it would be impossible to see them.

Un paisaje en cada paso