Seiruga Beach

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The next landmark in this Camiño dos Faros is Seiruga beach, placed in an area well known for its huge natural importance in front of the Sisargas beach. The wetland of “Xuncal de Martel” is chosen by ducks, herons and sea otters to nest o just to rest. It is an amazing landscape in both high and low tides, with a small “ría” (a kind of estuary typical all along the Galicia coast) that is an ideal place for children to have a bath.

When reaching Seiruga we face a difficult part in the route as we have to go across the stream. Although it is kind of easy during the low tide, it´s a bit complicate when going across during the high tide. But the only thing we should do is to take off our shoes, roll up the trousers our knees, look for the best place to go across and …there we go!

In the seasons when it rains harder (from January to March) the stream flow reaches its maximum and the water can reach our chest. Then, it is when we should take the alternative way that leaves from Beo.

It is important to take your time to get rid of all the sand in your feet and dry very well. There is a long way to finish the stage and the sand can be annoying. We leave the beach by walking along a kind of walkway along the dunes and we border all the dunes till the end of the sandy area leading to Barizo.

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