Route Mount Insua

<<The Church of Santa María da AtalaiaLighthouse in Laxe>>

When there are no more houses, we keep on walking to the lighthouse, a path on our right indicates the beginning of this route along the MountInsua, that will lead us to the lighthouse. We leave on our right the Ría in Corme and Laxe after some days walking along it. It´s so close and far at the same time! One of the special characteristics of this Camiño dos Faros is that we can see not only all the route we have just done but also the points still left to be reached.

Before getting to the lighthouse, we see the first cliffs in this Mount Insua.

O Camiño dos Faros is not an easy route at all…it has lots of ups and downs, which will help you to keep fit. However, what is actually true is that you are rewarded with unique and amazing views. 

Along the path of the Mount Insua, we get to the lighthouse and we go on along the open sea, where we will see 2 wonders of Nature: “La Furna da Espuma” and the “Praia dos Cristais” (the beach of pieces of glass).

Un paisaje en cada paso