Ribeira of Viseo

If the stage till that point had been of loads of ascents, it is at this moment when we start the huge descent of this stage. From the 269 meters of Mount Pedrouzo we have to descend till the sea level, to reach the beach Moreira.

We take a path along the Ribeira of Viseu to get the huge descent of O Camiño dos Faros: the descent to Moreira. Our route is full of feelings and this is great! While we try not to fall down, which is very common at this point, we stop from time to time to admire, a bird’s eye view, a panoramic that you only “see” if you are a Trasno.

On the foreground we see the silhouette of the Lighthouse Touriñán, another outstanding site of this Camiño dos Faros. It will take us longer than two hours to get to it.

Un paisaje en cada paso