Punta Buitra

From Cachelmo we descend along a very demanding path that will take us to a small track of the small beach Arnela which is in an unspoiled area.

It is a beach with a difficult access and hidden by the land and the sea, which has been sometimes used by the drug-traffickers to unload the illegal substance. When we reach the end of this track we ascend along the mount till Punta Buitra.

Punta Buitra is another prominent part in this rugged coast of Muxía, which makes you somehow walk over the ocean. We walk across the track with beautiful views of the sea that hits against the cliffs of the mountCachelmo and the beach Arnela.

When we reach the end, we get surprised this time by the cliffs of Cuño. The mount seems to fall in a kind of abrupt way, by forming some puntas the sea hits against continuously, fill them with foam. It is really sad that there isn´t a small path that goes along this side of Point Buitra till Cuño. We know that it is not an easy land to walk, but it would be an amazing route.

In order to reach Cuño, O Camiño dos Faros, ascends directly to the summit of Mount Buitra. This stretch of the stage is like this… every stop we make seemingly over the sea of Muxía worths the demanding moments when ascending.

From the dirty track, near the antenna, we start the route that will take us to the Coído de Cuño, where we are going to make a long stop that we actually deserve.

Un paisaje en cada paso