Os trasnos

We, “Os Trasnos”, are a group of friends that one day started thinking that it was possible to link Malpica with Finisterre by using a route along the coastline. We left Malpica and we did arrive to the end, by using different routes and other paths that linked different points along this coast, named, “A Costa da Morte” (“the coast of death”). Eventually, by linking all the points we created a breathtaking hiking route.

We were so overwhelmed by what we felt and by what we lived that we made up our mind to tell everybody our experience. Since then, loads of other Trasnos have followed us transforming this route into a collaborative project where everybody is welcomed and where there is only one goal: to make this Camiño dos Faros be a reality so that people can make it with the maximum respect for nature.

Un paisaje en cada paso