Mount Pedrouzo

It seems incredible that in spite of the fact that we walk all this route along the coast we have to ascend up to this point, but the charm of this Camiño dos Faros may be behind these moments. In order to reach the summit of the 269-meter MountPedrouzo, we will have to ascend a hill for along 2 kilometers with a gradient of 13%.

From the Rego do Cuño, where we stop to have lunch, the route gets inland, towards a forest. And be careful at this point! If you go on along the cliffs it is impossible to reach anywhere and very dangerous.

Across these forests, we start ascending up MountPedrouzo, which is not very demanding, but as we have walked along so far, one feels already exhausted.

The summit of the Pedrouzo is a place we can considered to be very “trasno”, and the stones that are on that peak are the best place to gather and wait for those who are walking a bit behind. We stop for a short rest and enjoy the panoramic views of the CapeTouriñán getting into the sea.

As the rest of the stage, there is only one thing we perceive: the silence. The sounds the sea makes don´t reach this point, it is a place where people usually don´t go and just a few animals have been the witness of our walk all along the whole day. We are overwhelmed by a feeling of calm that only O Camiño dos Faros can provide you with.

Un paisaje en cada paso