Mount Castelo in Lourido


The next stop in O Camiño dos Faros is the summit of the route, the mount of Castelo in Lourido (312 meters). We take the path that takes us from Dombate to Fontefría to get to that mount by walking across the village to start ascending to the top.

These last meters are kind of demanding but it´s worth walking them as, at the end of this route, there is one of the most amazing views in A costa da Morte. From the top we can see the estuary of Anllóns on our right, its blue color can be similar to that of the Caribbean if the light and the tide are the adequate ones.

Across the estuary we can see Laxe, that is the end of this 3rd stage. From this viewpoint, we have the feeling that we can grasp it.

Un paisaje en cada paso