Mount Branco

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We have walked a lot of kilometers of this stage but there are still 5 left to finish it in Ponteceso. However, suddenly the landscape radically changes, now the sand plays the main role. The mountBranco is the vantage point of this area.

From the viewpoint we can enjoy one of the most amazing views of this Camiño dos Faros: the mouth of the river Anllóns in the estuary of Corme and Laxe. It´s awesome! A place to use your camera for sure.

When we descend the mountBranco we get to the beach Barra, which divides the sea and the river.


At this spot we are witness of how the wind action shapes the really fine sand to form some dunes with whimsical shapes. It is the desert of O Camiño dos Faros. In our route, we will walk over it and we will try not to step on any plant.


Un paisaje en cada paso