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When we were discovering the route we were trying to link all the points along the coastline of Merexo. There is a fish farm of turbot called Prodemar belonging to the multinational Stolt Sea Farm. There are some plans to make it bigger, however, we the tTasnos wish they didn´t carry out these projects which can end up spoiling our environment. Let´s keep in good condition what nature provides us with, it is a treasure! Next to the fish farm, a “cetárea”, sells all kind of seafood.

Linking all the points along the coast of Merexo was not easy and, besides, the final route wouldn´t provide us with anything that special. So, we decided to design O Camiño dos Faros along the main street of the village, which implies saving some kilometers and this design will allow us to see a typical rural settlement as Merexo is, with its stone streets. Its inhabitants are really surprised when they see the Trasnos walk across their village.

At the end of the village we walk towards Os Muíños, it is about 1 kilometer and a half that coincides with O Camiño dos Faros.

Un paisaje en cada paso