Leaving Nemiña

The last stage of O Camiño dos Faros starts at this point, on the beach Nemiña, one day with low tide and enjoying another amazing sunrise. We can admire, from that point, what is left till we reach the mythical Finis Terrae: from the left to the right the beaches Rostro, Arnela and the Cape of the Nave, which is the last point before reaching the CapeFisterra.

One of the best feelings all along this adventure is when we walk across the beaches when the tide is low, which mixed with the light of that morning, if forms a huge mirror on along the beach.

At the end of the beach, we see the mouth of the estuary of Lares, which makes us choose a longer route of at least 3 kilometers along the bridge Valsilveiro and Lires. We wouldn´t need to walk longer if we walked across the ría, but it is possible only two hours when the tide is low in summer time. When it rains, the channel that is formed makes it impoosible.

Un paisaje en cada paso