From Traba to Camelle

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From Mórdomo, there is a route that takes us to the end of the beach Traba towards some other stretches that are considered to be one of the most amazing in this Camiño dos Faros.

All this coast leading to Camelle takes you back to Gulliver´s fairy tale and his world of rocks, a new kind of landscape in this route. Huge rock formations that are as beautiful as the Penedos de Traba, that surround the valley.

From Mórdomo we go through a succession of rock formations, “furnas” and small coves full of pebbles that seem to challenge the rough sea of Traba that hits Punta Corbeiro constantly.

Huge granite rocks of all shapes and sizes…

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… which will let our imagination run wild.

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Huge rocks that shelter us when the rain starts, another unique image of this Camiño dos Faros.

It is then when, between Traba and Camelle, we reach the bay in Vimianzo that it is the only land lock of this village. Its name is Sabadelle, an old whaling port that had been already used by the Basque fishermen in the 18th century, and, nowadays, it is a cove formed by huge granite boulders. Nearby, there are some remains of an old medieval village and a petroglyphes called “Pé do Santo” (The foot of the Saint)

Doing this part of the route was being one of the most amazing experience in O Camiño dos Faros. A winter day, with the sea rougher than ever as it is typical in this season, had made us have the feeling that the day had flown by very fast (quite literally J ). Little was left to finish and we were arriving in Camelle.

Un paisaje en cada paso