Estuary of the River Anllóns

<<Mount BrancoThe House where Eduardo Pondal was born>>

At this spot we are witness of how the wind action shapes the really fine sand to form some dunes with whimsical shapes. It is the desert of O Camiño dos Faros. In our route, we will walk over it and we will try not to step on any plant.

This part is a mix of feelings: after walking by the dunes, we walk along a path by the river. This stuary is the habitat chosen by loads of birds such as: plovers, tufted ducks or mallards to stay there for long. We suggest doing this part with binoculars and, if you feel like, go to the observation stand. 

We go on through the boardwalk of Couto towards Ponteceso. This part is full of contrasts, which makes us be aware again of the great variety of treasures in this route. O Camiño dos Faros, every step, one amazing landscape.

Un paisaje en cada paso