Dune of Mount Branco

From the port of Santa Mariña we go up the dune that goes up along MountVeo till it reaches a 150-meter height, the biggest in the Peninsula. We will go through it till we reach 80 meters. Remember not to leave the sandy path in order to avoid stepping on the dune vegetation.

When we reach the top, we have reached the halfway point of O Camiño dos Faros. Apart from this particular feeling of reaching this point, for me, the trasno who is telling you this story, believes that the summit of this dune is one of the most amazing points in this route. Just think how the wind “works” to bring the sand from the beach up to create this mount. 

From this point, the panoramic view of the beach Trece and the Point Boi with the Cemetery of the English will remain engraved in our minds. It is an unspoiled landscape, far away from the madding crowd and with the sound the sea makes hitting constantly this Sea Trece.

The feeling is unique, this is the essence of O Camiño dos Faros!

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Un paisaje en cada paso