Descendent to the Lighthouse in O Roncudo

<<The Village of O RoncudoThe Lighthouse O Roncudo>>

O Camiño dos Faros leads to the Lighthouse O Roncudo in different way if we compare it with the rest of the routes. From the village we walk along the windmill farm till the penultimate lines of windmills from where we start descending by taking a kind of complicate path that has been opened by the Trasnos towards the lighthouse.

In some parts of the route there are some steep slopes and it´s kind of difficult to keep balance. However, it is worth to do it just because of the amazing views we can enjoy.

Just looking towards our right, we can see the “Baixos das Abruillas” and along the small path among gorse we walk some of the coastal projections that get into the sea of O Roncudo, till we get to “A Furna da Fuxisaca” (a furna is a kind of maritime cave typical in the Galician coast). There is a moment where we can see the 3 lighthouses we have stopped by in the first stages. Behind, Punta Nariga and the Sisargas Islands.

Huge cliffs have been the witness of the stories of some shipwrecks and enormous caves that will lead us to O Roncudo.

Un paisaje en cada paso