The Coído of Cuño is the SPA of the Trasnos, a present in this stage after the great effort we have made. We take off the back bags, we prepare the things to eat and drink and it is high time to take a rest.


This Coído of Cuño is full of rolling stones of all sizes, and it has a great geologic interest. It may have its origin in quaternary deposits, although some authors believe that it is on a marine terrace. With the Prestige, all these rocks got covered by a black coat of fuel oil impossible to get rid of. There are still some remains of it that we can see. Not only in this coído but also in Moreira, scientists tested different methods of bioremediation, which is a process that makes use of microorganisms that get rid of this contamination. We don´t know if during the quarternary there was jam, but it is time for us to eat something. We take the knife, slice the loaf, put some jam, cheese and tomato..and let´s eat it. As you can see, we don´t prepare anything too complicated but we do eat.


As we are eating our sandwich and our feet rest with the water of the small waterfalls formed by this small stream of Cuño, we think once again how lucky we are. Perfect places are there outside to enjoy this adventure 100%.

However, the rest can’t last all day long, and after a while resting, we have to ascend from Cuño  up to the 269 meters of Mount Pedrouzo.

Un paisaje en cada paso