Beo Beach

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This beach is in the village with the same name, a place that is sheltered from the Northeast wind that is so common in this area.  That´s why is so popular among people who usually visit it in summer. There is a picnic area nearby with its tables and seats made of stone. It is there where we will do our first stop to have something to eat and drink in this part of O Camiño dos Faros.

From this point, we have two options to go on: on the one hand, by using the stairs made of wood or, if there is low tide, just go along the beach leading to Seiruga.

When we are leaving the beach, we can see an open rustic washing area with a fountain and the small port of Tella, a natural port tucked among these rocks of Beo, a point from where we go on with our route leading to Seiruga.

A bit further, we walk around Punta Galiana passing by the two walls and the moat that defended the “Castro de Entretorres”, one of the few offshore “castros” in the area that has not been studied yet.

Un paisaje en cada paso