Beach Trece

Descending the dune MountBranco and reaching the beach Trece on a sunny winter day surrounded by the sea with big swells is one of the best experiences A Costa da Morte can provide you with.


Being of great natural beauty, and as the Atlantic ocean is hitting it constantly it has a desert-like aspect as nobody stops by this place, with protected flora species as the “caramiña” (corema album), which can grow in extremely severe weather conditions. The village Camariñas was named after it. This flower could be seen along the coast in the early times, however, nowadays it is endangered.

We go through the beach which is formed by small coves divided by “restingas” of rocks that go out into the sea.


A mix of sea, wind, sand and rocks that create everywhere beautiful spots to stop and take photos.

The beach Trece is a unspoiled coastal spot to enjoy and preserve. Xorxa and Tolo are aware of this special experience and they are enjoying as we are doing.

We walk along the coves one after the other one, getting the most of each one with no rush, till we reach the end of the beach, where we make a provisioning stop in the small forest of the trasnos, where the wind has also given shape to the cups of the trees, transforming it into a welcoming and cozy shelter. 

Un paisaje en cada paso