Beach Soesto

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Soesto is a calm and familiar beach placed somehow at the back of the village Laxe. We get there by taking Os Camiños dos Faros after descending the Rock. There are other options: taking a hiking-trail that starts in the village or by taking the road, turning off right where the “Pazo de Leis” is.

This beach has white and fine sand, with open sea and it is very windy with big waves being one of the spots chosen by surfers to go surfing.

When we go through the stream in Soesto, we stop to take a photo as the shapes are perfect. O Camiño dos Faros is an art gallery.

Next to the beach there is an area with tables and benches of stone to make a stop to get something to eat and drink in our route.

From there, we leave Soesto by the wooden walkway to the beach and the lagoon of Traba.

Un paisaje en cada paso