Beach of Nemiña

It is place in a privileged environment of the Ría de Lires, the beach Nemiña is the last part of the 7th stage, that has been, because of being a really rugged area, the hardest and demanding.

The beach of Nemiña is placed to the South of the CapeTouriñán. It is perfect for surfing, fishing and with the best big European seabass in the area. The mouth of the estuary of Lires also gets into this beach forming an amazing landscape.

Among the people of the group, we could perceive different feelings. On the one hand, we were really happy as there was only one stage left to reach the CapeFisterra, as many travelers had done along a lot of centuries, but we were going to reach it by taking the wildest route: O Camiño dos Faros. But, on the other hand we could feel a bit of sadness among us as the end of this adventure was closer, and adventure that we didn´t want to finish at all.

Un paisaje en cada paso