Barizo Beach

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When getting to Barizo, we have already walked half of this stage of O Camiño dos Faros. In the small bay we can see some houses and several restaurants. For example, As Garzas, rewarded with a “Estrella Michelín” (“Michelin Star”); “La Casa Vasca” and the Bar/Restaurant “Xan” where you can restock your energies to face the second part of this stage.

O Camiño dos Faros goes across the small beach of Barizo heading to Punta Nariga. It is actually a place people usually visit but it lacks basic services as a lifeguard service.

At the end of the bay, under the cliff-lined coast we can see the small port with local vessels, where the amateur fishermen try to fish some squids during the summer nights.

Un paisaje en cada paso