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Beach of Nemiña

It is place in a privileged environment of the Ría de Lires, the beach Nemiña is the last part of the 7th stage, that has been, because of being a really rugged area, the hardest and demanding.

The beach … Read more

On our way to Touriñán

We leave Moreira and walk towards the lighthouse by taking a dirty track, leaving the village of Touriñán on our left hand.

Touriñán is another typical village, with loads of “hórreos” and its inhabitants are used to surviving the hard … Read more

Beach of Moreira

Before going on, we are going to small stop in Moreira to rest for a bit in this beautiful cove with “bolos” (relatively big-ball shaped stones) and sand. We have already walked the most demanding stretch of the route, 10 … Read more


The Coído of Cuño is the SPA of the Trasnos, a present in this stage after the great effort we have made. We take off the back bags, we prepare the things to eat and drink and it is high … Read more

Furna of Buserán

At the foot of MountCachelmo, we can see the Furna of Buserán, the setting of a legend that tells about the love between a troubadour Buserán and the beauty Florinda.

Long time ago, there was on the summit of … Read more