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Lighthouse in the Port of Malpica

It was from this lighthouse from where the Trasnos started this adventure in A Costa da Morte. It was early in the morning after a rich breakfast and we were looking forward to starting this adventure.

It´s known that the … Read more

Os trasnos in A Costa da Morte

It was another night but none of the Trasnos who were there will ever forget Xiña’s words. Looking at the sea surrounding the SisargasIslands and enjoying the moment with all our senses from one of the terraces in Malpica, she … Read more

Stage 1: Malpica-Niñóns

O Camiño dos Faros starts in the smallest lighthouse but not less important. The first stage in our route starts in the small light at the entrance of the port in Malpica to reach the beach Niñóns after walking 22 … Read more

Lago Bay

This bay, faced on the west and kind of closed by small islands and Punta Queimada provides the visitors with a  true oases of tranquility before reaching Niñóns. It is at this point where Malpica ends and Ponteceso starts to … Read more

Niñóns Beach

The first stage of Os Camiños dos Faros finishes on Niñóns beach that belongs to Ponteceso. Its access is kind of complicate mainly for those people who don´t know the area. As its beach is calm and it is surrounded … Read more

Nariga Coast

O Camiño dos Faros, after visiting Punta Nariga, runs along the coast heading to the Bay of Lago and Niñóns by taking a breathtaking path. They are small cliffs that we walk across by taking a path that is kind … Read more

Barizo Beach

When getting to Barizo, we have already walked half of this stage of O Camiño dos Faros. In the small bay we can see some houses and several restaurants. For example, As Garzas, rewarded with a “Estrella Michelín” (“Michelin Star”); … Read more

Seiruga Beach

The next landmark in this Camiño dos Faros is Seiruga beach, placed in an area well known for its huge natural importance in front of the Sisargas beach. The wetland of “Xuncal de Martel” is chosen by ducks, herons and … Read more