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A Costa da Morte

We are in the heart of A Costa da Morte, an area on the coast where the highest number of wrecks has taken place worldwide. O Camiño dos Faros is a route connected to nature, landscapes and life…but it is … Read more


Arou is a small village facing the sea in the heart of A Costa da Morte, with an amazing beach that in summer time is full of tourists and neighbors sunbathing and swimming in its clean waters.

Historically, although there … Read more

The Museum of Man

Long time ago, a young German man arrived in Camelle and he decided to live there because of all the wonders of this area. His compromise was mainly to live in perfect harmony with the environment, and it is this … Read more


Camelle is a small and beautiful fishing port that keeps its charm. We are getting into the heart of A Costa da Morte, one of the stretches with more shipwrecks worldwide. Its inhabitants, most of them devoting their lives to … Read more