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From Camelle to Arou

O Camiño dos Faros takes us from Camelle to the beach Lagoa through a coastal path.

The beach Lagoa is surrounded by Punta Percebeira and Punta do Curro forming a small port where the small boats rest after hard days … Read more

Leaving Camariñas

Camariñas bids O Camiño dos Faros farewell. We get up early in the morning and we see the sunrise whereas we leave towards Muxía where this 6th stage will finish.

We take the way that surrounds the canning company Read more

The Lacework of Camariñas

All along this area, people do lacework. If there is a typical image of this area is the one where we can see a groupe of women doing bobbin lacework (“palillear” is the term used). These women with loads of … Read more