Route Stages

<<Recommendations RouteStage 1: Malpica-Niñóns>>

O Camiño dos Faros, as we have designed it,is divided in 8 stages. Each stage takes 9 hours on average by using the so-called pace of the Trasnos, a pace that implies to stop in every landmark to take photos, to have something to eat and drink and enjoy the route all day long.


The route is classed of medium difficulty level, although we believe that it is accessible to everyone because of the slow pace we propose.

It is a route along the coastline, which does not mean that it is a route along the beach. This coast is known as being really rough. You can be walking around some cliffs and suddenly you are going up a 100-meter mountain. The whole route has a 4,000-meter ascent and 4,000-meter descent.

We do believe that it is a route to get fit little by little, as the difficulty increases after every stage. But, don´t dare to discourage as people of all ages and physical conditions have done it with us.
What are you waiting for? Visit the stages and go for it!

Stage 1: Malpica-Niñóns
Stage 2: Niñóns-Ponteceso
Stage 3: Ponteceso-Laxe
Stage 4: Laxe-Arou
Stage 5: Arou-Camariñas
Stage 6: Camariñas-Muxía
Stage 7: Muxía-Nemiña
Stage 8: Nemiña-Cape Finisterre

Un paisaje en cada paso