Stage 4: Laxe-Arou

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Stage Map 

Elevation Profile Stage 4

Distance Stage 4 (it´s given in kilometers)

Port of Laxe 0,1 74,5 122,9
Port of Laxe 0,1 74,5 122,9
Route of A Insua 0,6 75,0 122,4
Lighthouse in Laxe 1,8 76,2 121,2
Furna da Espuma 2,3 76,7 120,7
Beach of Crystals 2,7 77,1 120,3
Bay Baleira 2,8 77,2 120,2
Peñón de Soesto 4,2 78,6 118,8
Beach Soesto 4,6 79,0 118,4
Punta Catasol 6,2 80,6 116,8
Beach Castrillón 6,6 81,0 116,4
Beach Arnado 7,1 81,5 115,9
Descent to Traba 8,1 82,5 114,9
Beach Traba 8,4 82,8 114,6
Lagoon Traba 9,8 84,2 113,2
Mordomo 10,8 85,2 112,2
Punta Corbeiro 12,0 86,4 111,0
Coído da Señora 13,6 88,0 109,4
Coído de Sabadelle 13,9 88,3 109,1
Beach Camelle 14,6 89,0 108,4
House of the German man 15,3 89,7 107,7
Port in Camelle 15,4 89,8 107,6
Museum of Man 15,7 90,1 107,3
Port in Lagoa 17,0 91,4 106,0
Beach Arou 17,7 92,1 105,3

Description Stage 4

This 4th stage takes us closer to the heart of A Costa da Morte. This stage starts in Laxe visiting the port and the Church of Santa María of Atalaya to go on till the lighthouse by taking the Route of Insua. From the lighthouse we have a big panoramic view of the estuary of Corme and Laxe and we can also see all the route we will have to do till Camelle.

Close to the lighthouse we will enjoy 2 wonders of the nature: “A Furna de la Espuma” and “La Playa de los Cristales” (the so called Beach of pieces of glass). From this point, we will start the route that will take us to the Rock of Soesto, with awesome views of all the Route of Insa and of the beach of Soesto.

In Soesto, we will make the first stop to get some foodstuff before walking across the Rock Catasol and the beach Arnado to get to the beach and the Lagoon Traba where we can watch a great amount of bird species.

From Mordomo, at the end of the beach Traba, we can take a path that will take us to another amazing landscape of this Camiño dos Faros. All this part of the coast leading to Camelle takes us to the fairytale Lilliput in the world of huge rocks. Rocks and stones of all shapes and sizes form another unique landscape in this Camiño dos Faros till we get to the cove of Sabadelle, and old whaling port.

Camelle is one of the outstanding parts of this route. We get into its beach and small port to get to the pier where we can see the remains of the “Museo de Man” (the museum created by a German man who was known as Man). From this point, the end of this stage takes us to small paths along the coast till Arou, where this short but intense 4th stage ends.

Videos Stage 4 

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