Stage 3: Ponteceso-Laxe

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Stage Map 


Elevation Profile Stage 3

Distance Stage 3 (it´s given in kilometers)

Apligasa Crossroad 1,1 49,8 147,6
Bay of Insua 2,2 50,9 146,5
Beach Urixeira 4,0 52,7 144,7
Path of the Anllóns 4,1 52,8 144,6
Rego dos Muíños 6,9 55,6 141,8
Castro A Cibda de Borneiro 10,5 59,2 138,2
Vilaseco 11,2 59,9 137,5
Dolmen de Dombate 12,4 61,1 136,3
Fountain of Fontefría 13,6 62,3 135,1
Fontefría 13,7 62,4 135,0
Ascent to O Castelo 14,4 63,1 134,3
Mount Castelo de Lourido 14,9 63,6 133,8
Canduas 17,1 65,8 131,6
Left crossroad Area das Vacas 18,4 67,1 130,3
Beach Rebordelo 19,6 68,3 129,1
Crossroad San Pedro 20,4 69,1 128,3
Punta do Cabalo 22,0 70,7 126,7
Coído dos Muiños de Frexufre 23,2 71,9 125,5
Punta da Area 23,8 72,5 124,9
Beach Laxe 24,2 72,9 124,5
Promenade in Laxe 25,1 73,8 123,6
The square in Laxe 25,7 74,4 123,0

Description Stage 3

The 3rd stage of O Camiño dos Faros takes us along the coast and to the inland of Cabana to finish in Laxe.

The 1st kilometer goes along the hard shoulder of the main road that we walk across by taking a crossing point on our right to get to the Bay Insua and walk along its pinegroves till Neaño and the beach Urixeira. From there, a 3-km walk starts till O Lodeiro where we can still watch a great amount of birds that have their habitat in this estuary of the River Anllóns.

At the end of this walk, when reaching As Grelas, we walk towards the inland by taking a very hard ascent following the route of “Rego dos Muíños” till the Castro A Cibda and the Dolmen Dombate, two amazing archeological pieces in A Costa da Morte.

From Dombate we go towards the coast again, turning off in Fontefría to ascend to the Castle of Lourido, which is the summit of this Camiño dos Faros with 312 meters high. From there we can enjoy the most amazing views of the “Ría of Corme and Laxe”.

From this summit, we descend across Canduas towards the Beach Area das Vacas, which we will never reach as we take a crossing point that takes us across the pine yards and eucalyptus to the Rebordelo beach, where we suggest having a stopover.

The last part of this stage takes us to Punta do Cabalo, from where we can see Laxe kind of close. We will reach Laxe by walking along its beach and promenade till the village square, which is the end of this 3rd stage of O Camiño dos Faros.

Videos Stage 3 

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