Stage 2: Niñóns-Ponteceso

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Stage Map 


Elevation Profile Stage 2

Distance Stage 2 (it´s given in kilometers)

Port of Santa Mariña 2,0 24,5 172,9
Canyon of Os Cabalos 2,5 25,0 172,4
Beach A Barda 4,3 26,8 170,6
Wind farm in Corme 6,0 28,5 168,9
Petón de A Campaíña 6,6 29,1 168,3
Village O Roncudo 9,1 31,6 165,8
Descent to O Roncudo 10,8 33,3 164,1
Lighthouse O Roncudo 12,8 35,3 162,1
Port of Corme 15,7 38,2 159,2
Beach Arnela 16,6 39,1 158,3
Beach Osmo 16,9 39,4 158,0
Beach Ermida 17,7 40,2 157,2
Beach Rio Covo 19,0 41,5 155,9
Viewpoint Mount of A Facha 19,8 42,3 155,1
Descent to Valarés 20,0 42,5 154,9
Punta of A Facha 20,5 43,0 154,4
Beach Valarés 20,9 43,4 154,0
Beach Valarés 22,5 45,0 152,4
Beach Valarés 24,0 46,5 150,9
Malecón in the Couto 24,8 47,3 150,1
Bridge of Ponteceso 26,2 48,7 148,7

Description Stage 2

This second stage is kind of long with 29 kms from Niñóns to Ponteceso. It starts in the beach of Niñóns, walking along the coast till the Port of Santa Mariña. It is from this point from where we will start the most demanding and complicate ascent of the day reaching the “Virxe Do Faro” (the Virgin of the Lighthouse), from where we can enjoy some breathtaking views of the following stages. The furthest point we can see is the dune of MountBranco, in Camariñas, that is the half way of O Camiño dos Faros.

From the MountFaros, we will descend to walk along the path that is parallel to the Beach of Barda, which will lead us close to the Windpower farm by taking the highlands of Corme. It is in this farm where we can see the petroglyphs of Petón da Campaíña. From there, the an unpaved road will lead us to the village of O Roncudo, to, later, descend from the wind farm till the lighthouse Roncudo, which is another of the landmarks in our route. It is there where we can see the rocks from where the “percebeiros” (people who hunt barnacles) risk their lives to get such a delicacy.

From there we get into the estuary. We walk along the fishing port in Corme and we leave it to head towards the beach Valarés, walking along the beaches Osmo, Hermida and Rio Covo. When leaving the beach of Rio Covo, we will head towards a broad forest track over the estuary that leads us to the mountFacha and to Valarés, where we can stop to enjoy its beach and pine forest.

The end of the stage along MountBranco is amazing. The coastline takes us close to the river mouth of Anllóns, with a privileged view of the TiñosaIsland, all the dunes and the beach of Barra. We will descend to walk along this unique kilometer, as it seems to be part of a desert, in the middle of the bay of Insua, a spot popular for its importance ornithological.

From there we will walk along the boardwalk in Ponteceso that divides the croplands till we reach the bridge in Ponteceso, in front of the house of Eduardo Pondal.

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