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<<O Camiño dos Faros (The Lighthouse Way)How to do it>>

The Trasnos suggest doing O Camiño dos Faros because it is an excellent way of getting fit by discovering all places of this magical Costa da Morte.

  • To wear appropriate footwear (hiking boots) is indispensable. The route runs through all kinds of path, rocks, rocky areas, water, sand, etc. Bearing all this in mind, the sole should give the needed friction on all expected surfaces and should hold the foot firmly. Wearing sneakers is reckless.
  • To wear long trousers. Sometimes we walk through places difficult to access or even closed, with undergrowth and furze. It is actually true, that short and light trousers may be advisable in some parts of the route.
  • Sun protection. This route goes always towards the West, which means that the sun is always in front of us.
  • Route stages. Every route stage is planned to take us 9 hours on average walking in a slow pace 3 or even less kilometers per hour. It is not a walk along a beach, actually, it does have its difficulty, but any trasno with minimum physical conditions can take part of it. The pace is always marked by the hikers who walk more slowly, which is important is to make the stages all together enjoying the landscape.


FOLLOWING THE ROUTE (follow the green arrows)

Green arrow. All the route is marked with small green arrows which have all of them the same shape and with green spots which will help you to follow the route. The arrows mark the direction to follow whereas the spots mean that you are on the right path.

Tracks in Wikiloc. There is also the possibility of downloading the track updated in Wikiloc and use it from your smartphone. You can see it by using the free version (download here). However, if you want to follow it you have to have the paid version (around 3€).



If you ever have any problems or fatigue at some stage, we recommend you to call a taxi (can check the phones here >>)

Un paisaje en cada paso