Cape of A Nave

<<Beach ArnelaBeach Mar de Fora>>

Along the path that borders the beach Arnela we reach the first cliffs of the Cape of A Nave. All this stage has taken us along a rough and uneven coast that we have walked across along the highest parts of this section, but this stretch has no comparison. All along 2 kilometers and a half, we will ascend progressively along a path, from a 40-meter height till the 220 meters of the antennas of the Cape of A Nave.

From the path we see all these wild cliffs that fall down in vertical towards a rough, wild and threatening Ocean.

We are walking along a safe place, but looking down may make us feel dizzy. From that point, Point Longa has the appearance of a crocodile getting into the sea.

Huge and unspoiled rocks that can have only two colonizers: the birds and these goats that are able to balance on them without falling down the ocean…

After this demanding walking, we reach the antennas of Cape of the Nave, where we rest for a while and face the last kilometers of this Camiño dos Faros.


The views of this kind of balcony are amazing. The mount that falls in vertical, the beach of the “Mar de fora” and the imposing MountFacho, which hides our last goal: the lighthouse of Fisterra.

We descend along the road of the Cape till we get into some forest by taking the right way that will take us directly to “Mar de Fora”.

Un paisaje en cada paso