O Camiño dos Faros se presenta en Atenas

Para la próxima semana estaremos en Grecia por 2 motivos.

Presentación O Camiño dos Faros en Atenas

En primer lugar, el día 3 de Octubre a las 20:00 horas estaremos en Atenas haciendo una presentación de O Camiño dos Faros en EOS Acharnon, el club de senderismo más importante de Grecia fundado en 1976. Contaremos como fue la historia del proyecto y todo lo que hace a esta ruta única. 

Reunión de la World Trails Network

Después nos iremos a la isla de Kythera a la reunión de la World Trails Network, la red que agrupa a los gestores de las mejores rutas de senderismo del mundo. 

Estaremos durante una semana en un campo de trabajo, pateando el terreno y compartiendo experiencias con representantes de todas estas rutas:

  • Paths of Greece (Grecia)
  • Ruta Caucasiana (Georgia)
  • Lebanon Mountain Trail (Líbano)
  • Kakamega Forest (Kenia)
  • The Great Himalaya Trail (Nepal)
  • Transcaucasian Trail (Armenia)
  • Jordan Trail (Jordania)
  • Abraham Path (Palestina)
  • Great Baikal Trail (Rusia)
  • Aldeias Históricas (Portugal)
  • Hungría
  • Qatar

Esperamos poder aprender mucho y traer ideas de esta experiencia que poder aplicar en O Camiño dos Faros.


Kythera island, Greece, becomes the first hiking destination in Europe to apply the international Green Flag Trails system of trail auditing, a sustainability mark being implemented by the World Trails Network, to increase the sustainability and marketability of trails around the world.

From October 4 to October 11, trail experts from Greece, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Kenya will gather on the island of Kythera, Greece, in order to participate at the Green Flag Trails Auditor Training Course, the first of its kind in Europe. The training is hosted by the World Trails Network, with the support of the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development. During the training, Kythera Trails, the official trails network of Kythera, will be audited and awarded with the Green Flag Trails Certificate.

Green Flag Trails is a certification that recognises trails for their accurate data, environmental responsibility and sustainable management. It focuses on sustainability and responsibility towards hiking and walking tourists and aims to stimulate ecotourism. Green Flag Trails is a scientifically based trail auditing system, developed over a 15 year period by professor of ecotourism, Dr Leon Hugo. The system has been applied and tested in 6 different countries to date, including Nepal, South Africa and Peru.

“Trails are an integral component of the global adventure tourism industry, they are also vital to many of the world's urban populations in providing access to nature and recreation,” says founding Chair of the World Trails Network, Galeo Saintz.

Green Flag Trails helps trails improve their offerings to the public and ensures timely and appropriate maintenance of trail infrastructure. Through the built-in information accuracy check, the system helps hikers and trail users know which trails are best suited to meet their abilities and preferences. The global trails industry stands to gain increased credibility by implementing systems that enhance environmental responsibility, marketing and trail data that is verified as accurate and trustworthy.

This high-level international seminar will be hosted by the World Trails Network, supported by the Kytherian Foundation of Culture and Development, with the assistance of Paths of Greece, and will take place at a certified “Hikers Friendly” Hotel on the island of Kythera, Greece.

“We look forward to this innovative course being hosted for the first time in Europe,” says George Kasimatis, President of the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA). “Our trails already show the benefits of collaboration when it comes to innovative tourism development, from the outset we teamed up with partners such as Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos ( MedINA ), the Municipality of Kythera and Antikythera and Paths of Greece.”

“We are certain it will add huge value to Kythera’s many trails and we are looking forward to welcoming international trail experts on our island” says Rigas Zafeiriou,Trail Developer with Kythera Trails.

About Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development: Since 2006, the Kytherian Foundation has championed the conservation of Kythera Island’s cultural and natural heritage, while contributing to sustainable development and the quality of life of the local community through educational activities, events, scientific conferences and the restoration of traditional trails among others. For more information visit: https://kipa.org.gr/

About World Trails Network: World Trails Network is an international nonprofit association representing the world’s leading trails and trail destinations. A globally active network of diverse, high quality, environmentally sustainable trails that work in their own regions to further the interests of the trails industry for the benefit of all. For more information visit: www.worldtrailsnetwork.org

About Kythera Trails: Kythera Trails is the official trails network of Kythera Island, Greece. It aims at enhancing the natural and cultural heritage of the island, while helping the local community thrive. The programme is supported and implemented by the Kytherian Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA) in collaboration with the Municipality of Kythera and Antikythera, Kythera’s Domestic Estate Management Committee and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA).

Participating organisations: European Ramblers’ Association, Trekking Italia (Italy), A2Z (Portugal), SAL Walking Tours (Portugal), O Camino dos Faros (Spain), Viator Association (Hungary), Paths of Greece (Greece), Kythera Trails (Greece), Transcaucasian Trail Tourism Support NGO (Armenia), Adventure Tourism Development Association (Georgia), Transcaucasian Trail NGO (Georgia), Transcaucasia Trail Association (Armenia), Great Baikal Trail (Russia), Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (Lebanon), Jordan Trail (Jordan), Abraham Path Initiative (Palestine), Trans Rift Trails (Kenya), Maseno University (Kenya)